Is Scientology Stopping Tom Cruise From Having A Relationship With Daughter Suri Cruise?

Tom Cruise is a devout member of the Church of Scientology. It is reportedly one of the main reasons his marriage to Nicole Kidman, as well as Kathie Holmes broke up. Both women are devout Catholics and reportedly rebuffed any part of the Scientology lifestyle.

Over the years there has been speculation that Cruise’s two older children, Connor and Isabella were raised to believe in Scientology. It is one reason they were rarely seen with their mother, Kidman following the divorce. Isabella recently participated in a PSA promoting Scientology.

Former Church of Scientology member, Samantha Domingo spoke with US Weekly recently about Cruise’s relationship with Suri. According to Domingo, Cruise can’t have a relationship with Suri because the teenager is not a Scientologist. It has been over six years since the Top Gun: Maverick star was spotted out with his youngest child.


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