Tesla owner finds potentially serious issue with Dog Mode, fix already deployed

Automatic climate control is great for people who want to set it and forget it, but others still prefer setting the fan speed, direction and temperature manually. It appears Tesla did not consider the latter party when creating its new Dog Mode, according to a tweet from an owner and a subsequent follow-up from CEO Elon Musk, but the issue should be patched up for everybody in the very near future.

Electrek brought our attention to a tweet from a Tesla owner that tags both the company’s Twitter account, as well as Musk’s. The owner pointed out that Dog Mode only appeared to work in conjunction with automatic climate control. After setting the fan manually and leaving the car, Rahul Sood claimed Dog Mode didn’t work as intended, as his Tesla app showed the interior cabin temperature as being 85 degrees Fahrenheit and rising.

Musk replied within two minutes, saying that Tesla is on the case and working to fix Dog Mode, presumably to function as intended when manual climate control is engaged. To use it, after opening the climate control menu on a Tesla’s touchscreen, select the Keep Climate On option, then the Dog setting, then set the temperature. The car will keep that temperature in the cabin while the owner is away from the vehicle, and the touchscreen will feature an image that tells people outside the car that the dogs are safe and in a temperature-controlled environment. It’s an extension of previous protective measures to keep the cabin from overheating.


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